Pigeon details

 Important part of the program which is always visible. It is used to display and add or edit pigeon details as well.


The cursor is automaticly focused on the bandnumber field, which is also the only required field. Colour, strain and loft will be remembered each time you save a pigeon, which means you can click the arrow or type one or more characters to see previously added values.

Adding a sire or dam can be done manually, or by searching the list of cocks or hens.

The six extra lines can contain short and useful information which will be shown on the pedigree.

Tip: Pressing the Enter key will save, and pressing the Esc key will cancel the operation.


Adding an image can be done by clicking on the Pigeon Planner logo. A filechooser will popup where you can choose the desired pigeon image.

Note: Images aren't saved in the database. Removing or move them on your harddrive will not break them though, because the program creates thumbnails.


 You can give each pigeon a detailed status by pressing the green icon on the right. A new window will be shown where you can select various statuses and add some information.