Manage your data

Pigeon Planner has many "self-learning" fields, which means that everything you enter in these fields, will be saved for later use. This can save time when adding data because you don't have to type common things over and over again. The data manager tool can be used to add such items, but also remove items in case you made a typo or just want it removed.

Manage items

After selecting the dataset you wish to edit, adding or removing an item applies to this dataset.

Note: the program needs to be restarted before changes are made to other parts which use this data.

Removing unused objects

When working with pedigrees a lot, it is possible to have pigeons that are of no use anymore. Pigeons that are not in the the main list and are not connected in the pedigree will be shown when you press the "Find" button. You have full power over what you remove, and an information dialog to make sure what pigeons are found.