Program shortcuts

Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use in the main screen.


  • F1    Show the main help page
  • ctrl+q    Quit the program
  • ctrl+p    Show the preferences dialog
  • ctrl+f    Show the search dialog
  • ctrl+l    Show the log dialog


  • ctrl+a    Add a new pigeon
  • ctrl+shift+a    Add a range of pigeons (bandnumbers)
  • ctrl+e    Edit the selected pigeon
  • ctrl+r    Remove the selected pigeon(s)
  • ctrl+g    Pedigree of the selected pigeon

Pigeon list

These shortcuts only work if the pigeon list has focus.

  • Insert    Add a new pigeon
  • Delete    Remove the selected pigeon(s)
  • Home    Select the first item
  • End    Select the last pigeon
  • Up arrow    Select the previous pigeon
  • Down arrow    Select the next pigeon