Please read the FAQ before contacting me. A lot of answers are already given.



There is a documentation page that will give you a quick overlook at the program. See what it looks like, how it works and read about nice tips like shortcuts.



If you can't find an answer to your question, don't hesitate to look at the forum and post your problem clearly so others can help you.



If you're looking for some quick help to little questions, you can see if someone is online in the chatroom. Keep in mind that the developers aren't always available.



For direct help (though the forum is preferred) or any other reason, you can contact me directly by mail.


Your support

  • Spread the word! Blog about it, tell your friends and pigeon club, put a link on your website, ...
  • Translate it in your own language
  • Report errors so they can be fixed
  • Tell us about your ideas for improvement
  • Make a donation. Any amount is welcome!