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Pigeon Planner is free and open-source racing pigeon software. The goal is to be a simple, yet powerful pigeon organizer. Enter your pigeons with all of their details in the user-friendly interface and let the program calculate the pedigree and relatives. Results can be given for each pigeon and then be compared between all races and pigeons.


Pigeon Planner has all the features a modern pigeon management application needs to have.

This makes it one of the most used applications among fanciers.

Easy To Use

Pigeon Planner has a modern and easy to navigate interface.


Enter every pigeon detail such as name, sex, colour, loft and image.


Pedigrees are automatically generated based on the pigeon's parents.


Keep track of your pigeon's accomplishments.


Filter, sort and search your pigeons for easy navigation.


Manage pigeons for different people.

And more...

Easy Backups

Create and restore backups easily to keep your data safe.


There are frequent updates which fix bugs and add new functionality thanks to the input from the community.


Native packages are available for Windows, Linux and macOS.


Many translations are available thanks to users all over the world.


There's no demo or limited functionality. The full application is completely free.


Pigeon Planner is free and open-source software released under the GPL license.


Pigeon Planner is cross-platform software, available for Windows, Linux and macOS systems. Please select the package that matches your operating system.

Pigeon Planner is and will always be free. Consider making a donation to keep development going.

Latest version is 0.0.0 released on 0000-00-00. See what's new.


Windows 7, 10 and 11

The installer is recommended for most users. The portable version can be run from any directory.


Any distribution

The DEB package will work for Debian and all its derivatives, like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. See the README in the source package for generic instructions.


Mojave 10.14 and newer

Mount the DMG and run the app.