WARNING! You should only use a beta version if you know what you are doing. Follow the instructions below carefully!



It is very important to backup your data before you proceed for the following reasons:

  • Database changes can prevent you from going back or even updating the program
  • Well, it's a beta, something could be wrong in the code

So, start the latest stable version and make a backup through the menu.



When testing a beta, you should use the program as a normal user would. Press buttons, add/remove data and see if anything goes wrong. If so, report every malfunction so it can be fixed before the next stable release.


Going back

When you are done testing, just restore the previously made backup through the program's menu and you can use the latest stable version again. This will also ensure a clean database upgrade of the new version if needed.



All beta versions will be uploaded to the Unstable directory at Sourceforge.