Pigeon Planner is free and open-source racing pigeon software. The goal is to be a simple, yet powerful pigeon organizer. Enter your pigeons with all of their details in the user friendly interface and let the program calculate the pedigree and relatives. Results can be given for each pigeon and then be compared between all races and pigeons.



  • Keep all your pigeons organized
  • View or print pedigrees
  • Add and compare results
  • Focus on usability
  • Translated in various languages
  • Open source and free software
  • And much more!



"(...) it is easy to use and pedigrees print out beautifully.We love it , and we highly recommend it."

- Griffin Pigeons


"Pigeon Planner for me undoubtedly takes a lot of weight off pigeon management need I say more..."

- Alias Squeak